“It is impressive to come back and continue supporting God’s work in Cuba”

Interview with Marco Herrera, director of the International Ministry of the American Bible Society and Luis Forlim, general director of the biblical printing press of the Brazilian Bible Societies, by the CIC communications team. They arrive at the headquarters of the Council of Churches of Cuba, like the usual friends of this town whom they have accompanied for several years in the theological gaits. Marco Herrera, director of the American Bible Societies and Luis Forlim, general director of the biblical printing press of the Brazilian Bible Societies are in our country and talk about the visit and the new challenges and opportunities of the Bible Societies in the current Cuban context. They have been invited to collaborate in the planning of the biblical printing press in Cuba, the only one of its kind in the country and to develop an implementation plan in its first stage. Marco Herrera (MH): This biblical printing press has the objective of continuously and stably providing biblical publications to the Christian church in Cuba, in its multiple denominations – the Protestant church, the evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox churches. There are four, its fundamental purposes: evangelism, help in the formation and education of pastors and laity, discipleship and Christian education, and the publication of materials that disseminate biblical values ​​in response to the most varied needs of a social nature. In short, let it be an instrument for people to know what God wants to say through his words. Luis Forlim (LF): In Brazil we have the second most important printing press in the world in the production of bibles, with 21 years of experience in the area of ​​publications and impressions of the word of God. For us it is a pleasure to contribute to the beginning of this great project that will bear fruit, not only for Cuba, but also for much of the Continent. Now we are in the phase of studying the context to start production from this country. The great importance of having an own graphic is to attend to the churches and produce for them and thus contribute to their growth. In addition to energizing evangelization with the messages of the Cuban Protestant movement. MH: It is impressive to return to this country, decades after our first visit at the end of 1999 when we collaborated with the Biblical Commission of Cuba. They were our first common steps, in the concrete conditions in which the country was. At that time the government facilitated the importation of bibles and biblical material and we helped establish reception, inventory control and distribution systems throughout the nation. The challenges were presented everywhere to get a Bible to every Christian on the island, but the Cuban’s own creativity made utopia possible. It was a fundamental experience in our lives, where we got to know this town, to love it and to unite the bonds of friendship. Undoubtedly, it is impressive to be here again, helping them to promote a new dream. A dream that involves responsibilities in this opening scenario that the country is experiencing today, of providing good content alternatives, of filling information gaps with good materials. People are looking for those contents. The challenge is to provide effective messages that are of spiritual benefit. Today the infrastructure in Cuba is changing and developing and it is the opportunity to insert ourselves in the changes and spread the message and the word of God. LF: Without a doubt, it is an honor to contribute to these purposes and to do it this year, when the 75th Anniversary of the Creation of the Council of Churches of Cuba is celebrated. An institution that has managed to congregate the denominations and work all for the Christian faith, in the work of God for this people. MH: We join in the congratulations to the CIC, which has been an instrument of God in the life of the Christian church in Cuba. The work of this organization that has united many groups of Christians spreading the message of peace, the message of salvation from the gospel of God, has been key.

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